Brain Academy is an international production company that creates high quality scripted entertainment.


The business of TV has changed. What were hard-and-fast rules ten years ago are not anymore, and to flourish in this ever-changing landscape you need to have a healthy disregard for how things used to be done. It was that realization that made Swedish entrepreneur Peter Settman, an award-winning producer and director with over 25 years of experience, start Brain Academy.

Brain Academy is a production company that doesn’t believe in borders. We develop and produce scripted content in Sweden,

the United Kingdom, and the United States.

We are a talent-driven creative power-house, and our focus is on original stories. We work with filmmakers and television creators from all over the world, and together we make high-quality entertainment for a global audience.

Brain Academy was founded in Stockholm in 2014. In January 2017, we opened our first Los Angeles office.

Current Projects

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Swedish Dicks

Conspiracy o

f Silence


Eternity Park