TV Series, SVT

Comedy / Drama, season 1

Produced by Nathalie Regner

Produced by Brain Academy 

Created by Björn Carlberg

SVT Orignal Series

Operation Klotty, is a drama / comedy series that opens with Renata discovering that her family is bankrupt. Her husband Klotty’s business has been declining over the last 40 years leaving Renata without money and the glamorous life she is accustom to. Throughout the eight episodes we follow the family and their friends as they die and come back to life. The series includes love and betrayal, major shoot-outs, brake-in's and exclusive dinners, all in a world we are familiar with, but... the cast are not flesh and blood - they are puppets made of fleece and foam. Enjoy!


  • Duration: 8x15

  • Original Broadcaster: SVT

  • TX Date: 12 Jan 2019

Photography by: Johan Paulin